A new Dawning

In over two decades we have witnessed Spectacular advances and developments in our country (INDIA), unrivalled in world’s history.

Our cherished wealth of brain has its major investment into the latest technology and are striving towards providing the highest modern living/working standards and a healthy, business – friendly environment.

AE has been founded very recently after quickly recognizing the potential and growth of our motherland INDIA. Hence we have set out to become a major entrepreneurial and business force. Many International corporations are lending a warm hand to share the expansion of our areas of operation and business development.

After our extensive experience gained through our group companies in a span of a decade. We are striving towards a major activity in the areas of manufacturing, contracting, project planning/ management and project development, retailing & distribution.

We in AE are proud to be foremost in executing major Govt./ Semi Govt. /Public Sector/ Pvt. Sector projects and leading the way with a motto to use state of the art technological & business practices in the thriving private business community.

We are very grateful to the Group & Organizations who have had faith in us in giving us an Opportunity to perform.

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