Design Methodology

We have an in-house competitive and creative design team. All team members do have vast experience in the related field.

With the advances made in the field of communications and electronics, the floodgates have opened for massive infrastructure projects to support the boom in technology. These projects demand modern designing for superlative aesthetics and unmatched functionality. Although our country is proud to have some of the best people in the field of architecture and design, obstacles are faced in terms of procuring world class products and implementing international systems perfectly. External facades and windows play a very crucial role in improving the overall aesthetics of a structure, while also providing a high degree of utility.

In keeping with our Corporate Philosophy of providing the best products and services, available Globally, to our discerning customers, we have selectively organized to create and forge arrangements with international leaders in various fields, comprising of extruded aluminium glazing systems for facades and casement windows & doors, glass, aluminium composite panels, UPVC window & door systems, accessories and fittings.

While making such arrangements, we have also ensured the creation of Infrastructure facilities to meet the processing, fabrication and installation requirements for these advanced products.

We have created a team of qualified and experienced personnel who manage designing, product development, manufacturing and installation. Our team has also received extensive training under leading manufacturers of products and systems. There, they have honed their skills and adopted internationally tried and tested methods for achieving perfection in manufacturing & installation. A spacious & modern manufacturing unit with the latest processing machinery for fabrication and coating, ensures that our products adhere to stringent quality specifications.

This would effectively provide our customers with Quality Global Solutions for their requirements, under one roof.

We offer advanced systems for glazing and windows in very high-rise structures, locations with high wind speeds and heavy rainfall accompanied by gusty winds. Some of the Internationally acknowledged system providers products & services can be used through us from such exacting & high performance structures.

We use where ever desired Indian standard, British standard, and American standard as parameter for the design, drawings, and structures.

Design team work on design as per the:

  • Aesthetic of designs
  • Design durability viz a viz cost of structure to client / company

First they work on design manually, once we convince with it than we go for the technology and used the software:

  • X steel
  • Auto Cad
  • Optimization languages

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